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Improve Your Credit And Qualify Today

Have you ever been denied a home loan? A car loan? Have you been denied a credit card or, granted one only with an outrageous interest rate? What about your insurance premiums? Are you paying higher rates than you should be? Have you been denied a job because of items items on your credit report lowered your score?

Benefits of Credit Restoration






By working with us to remove misleading, erroneous and inaccurate items from your credit report, you can raise your score and qualify for job opportunities, save hundreds of dollars in monthly payments, and get the car or home you desire.

In addition to enormous savings on monthly payments, including thousands of dollars in savings over the life of a loan, many of our clients now have the freedom that a good credit rating provides - no more embarrassing credit turn downs and job application denials.



We do the work for you

In order to streamline the process of improving your credit score, we have developed a system that is cost efficient and delivers results.
We do the work for you! You can sit back and relax, letting us communicate with the credit bureaus on your behalf using our Limited Power of Attorney.

We Offer Confidence in the Results

We dispute your erroneous and negative items that lower your score, and work through the bureaus to have such items removed from your credit reports!

Some examples of common problems on credit reports that have been removed resulting in imporoved credit scores are:

  • Incorrect personal information
  • Late payments/Delinquency
  • Charge offs/Profit and Loss
  • Collections
  • Lost/Stolen cards
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures
  • Bankrupties
  • Tax liens and Judgements
  • Duplicate items
  • Inquiries
  • Other negative or erroneous information that is inaccurate, unverifiable, misleading, incomplete or outdated.

What you can expect...

Raise your credit score
Deleting negative items from your credit reports will raise your credit score.

Lower your rates
A higher credit score means you can qualify for lower interest rates on any loan.

Save thousands
You can save BIG on home loans, car loans, or credit cards once you qualify for lower interest rates.

Don't wait 7 - 10 years
Negative items on your credit reports can be deleted without having to wait 7 - 10 years for them to "fall" off.

A better home or car
A higher credit score means flexibile financing options, giving you an opportunity to afford those things you've dreamed of.

Lower rates on credit cards
With a higher credit score you'll be inundated with credit card applications offering you superior rates and benefits.

Improve your qualifications for employment
Now, more than ever, employers rely on credit reports to screen job applicants. Don't get turned down for a job because of negative items on your credit reports.

Get the rental you want
Landlords have become increasingly cautious about renters, and they use credit reports to determine whom they should and shouldn't rent to.